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Mary Ann Lee Baker Auxiliary No. 6


We are pleased to announce that the Brothers of Col. Edward D. Baker Camp No. 6, SUVCW are facilitating the formation of a local Auxiliary of the Auxiliary to Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (ASUVCW).

The Auxiliary will be chartered in Salem, Oregon and will be known as Mary Ann Lee Baker Auxiliary No. 6, named in honor of the wife of our SUVCW camp’s namesake.

The ASUVCW was formally recognized as the Auxiliary to the SUVCW in 1884. As they always have, the Sisters of Baker Auxiliary will work closely alongside the Brothers of Baker Camp, as well as pursue projects of their own.

We invite you, any of your family members, friends, and/or acquaintances who reside in Oregon, are the wife, mother, widow, or daughter of an SUVCW Member in good standing, or are the female descendant (daughter, granddaughter, great granddaughter, great niece, great grand niece, etc.) of a Union soldier, sailor, marine, or Revenue Cutter serviceman to become a Charter Member of the new auxiliary. Associate members and Juniors (6-ages 12) are also welcome.

For a membership application and further details, please contact Brother Joseph Stevens, Auxiliary Organizer.